What is “Resident Touch™?”

Resident Touch is the Text Mobile Alerts (“TMA”) service that lets you stay in better touch with your residents. With Resident Touch you can quickly and easily send a text message and/or email (with or without attachments) to your residents, individually, by unit, by floor, by building or by entire community.

What is “Prospect Touch™?”

Prospect Touch is the TMA service that lets you fill vacancies faster through mobile marketing to prospects who are interested in living at your community.

Do I need to know how to text to use the TMA service?

No, Property Managers send TMA messages from their computers through our simple, 5-step interface. You don’t need to be technical or even own a cell phone to use TMA.

Do I need to download software to my computer?

No, TMA is a web-based application that can be used from any computer that has internet access.

How long will it take to learn how to use TMA?

About 5 minutes. It’s really easy!

Do my residents need smart phones to receive my text messages?

No, TMA utilizes SMS (short message service) technology that works with 98% of the phones on the market, so there is no need to download applications to phones either.

Do my residents want me to communicate with them on their cell phones?

Yes. Our customers report their residents like receiving text messages from them. It’s quick and easy for everybody. If a resident does not want to receive TMA texts we make opt outs easy both from phones and through TMA’s software.

Will people receive my message?

Yes. You may be shocked to learn that text messages are read 99% of the time and 90% of the time those messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received.

Is email still relevant?

Yes, we give you the option of sending messages via text, email (with or without attachments) or both. However, statistically 99% of text messages are read, most of them immediately, verses 22% of emails.

Aren’t cell phones primarily used by younger residents?

Not any more. 94% of the US population under 65 years old now carries a cell phone.

Do my residents need to have plans with certain carriers to receive my text messages?

No. The TMA service works with all major US carriers and 98% of the cell phones on the market.

Will my residents get charged for the text messages I send to them?

Many people now have unlimited texting plans so they will not be charged extra for your messages. If your residents do not have unlimited texting plans, standard text message charges will apply.

What if some of my residents want to hear from me via text, some via email and some via paper fliers?

The TMA dashboard is designed to enable you to see in one screen, who wants to receive text messages, who wants to receive emails and who requires a paper flier. Also, all of these options are easily configured by managers, so that residents can change their preferences over time.

Is there a record of the messages I’ve sent?

Yes, “Message History” records all messages sent, including to whom they were sent, date/time, content of message and whether or not an email attachment was included and, if so, which attachment.

Is it a lot of work to get set up with TMA?

No, we will actually do your set up for you and it can generally be done in 2 business days.

Is this communication 1-Way or 2-Way, in other words, will my residents be replying to my messages?

Resident Touch is 1-way because most managers don’t want to engage in text conversations. Prospect Touch is 2-way and interactive in that the prospect texts in initially, receives your automated response, to which they may respond and receive more automated responses from you.

Is TMA appropriate to use for emergency purposes?

Any alert system based on SMS text messaging is dependent on mobile carriers so we cannot guarantee that all messages sent will be immediately received. That said, text messaging is a great way to alert many people to circumstances that require immediate attention.

Am I limited to pre-set Buildings, Floors and Units?

No, not at all. Please contact us if you need special categories.

What does TMA do with my Resident Information?

All resident data is maintained in strict confidence and all TMA databases are backed up and secured using current security protocols. Your information is not shared with or sold to any third parties, ever.

What if I need help with this?

A customer care representative will be assigned to your account and can assist you any time via email or phone.

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