Did you know

  • 96% of the US carries a cell phone?
  • 98% of cell phones can receive a text message?
  • 98% of text messages are opened and read, many of them immediately?

This is what makes Text Mobile Alerts so effective. We strive to improve your bottom line through improved communications that both retain your residents longer and fill your vacancies faster.

Are you interested in improving your communications with your existing residents?

If so, you may already know that cell phones are now tied with email as residents preferred method of receiving communications from management. And texting is now the most popular feature on cell phones, even over voice or talking!

In addition to satisfying demand from residents to communicate via cell phones, text messages give you an easy way to show residents you care about them personally, without engaging in time consuming conversation. TMA messages are quick, easy to send, easy to read and convenient for everyone involved. In the same way that adopting email in the 90's made sense, utilizing text message communications makes sense today.

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Are you interested in decreasing your vacancy rates through mobile marketing?

Although we hear a lot about social networking, the number one way people find their next apartment is through driving by and reading signs! Here are the stats:

  • 23.8% drive by and look at signs
  • 14.5% word of mouth
  • 7% Craigslist
  • 1% Facebook

(SatisFacts Research www.satisfacts.com)

Phone numbers on signs are great but what if the leasing office is closed or your prospect isn't ready to speak to anyone? By including a short code and unique keyword on your signage or in your print advertising, people can text in to receive more information. The message they receive from that text can provide rent ranges, unit availability, your leasing office phone number, website address or any other information you wish to communicate. To goal of this communication is to give the prospect enough information to encourage them to take the next step towards renting an apartment at your community.

But that's not the end of the story. When people text in for more information, you will automatically begin growing a database of cell phone numbers that you can then use when you need to fill a vacancy. These leads are warm as these prospects have already expressed an interest in your community and they'll read your text messages 98% of the time (average email open and read rates are 22%). Filling just one unit one month sooner than you otherwise would, in many cases pays for TMA for an entire year!

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So, go ahead, dive into the 21st Century with Text Mobile Alerts.

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